To our European LeMans Travelers                                      January 18, 2007

The Dates are June 6 - 20, 2007 

Fourth time is Fantastic!  The Official C5/C6 Registry is planning a fabulous return trip to Le Mans, France.  This year’s trip will commence Wednesday, June 6, 2007 (our arrival date) through Wednesday, June 20, 2007 (our departure to the US date). 

Please note the following general details for this fabulous once in a lifetime event have been modified from any previous emails sent to you and once finalized will be posted on our Official Registry websites. 


Itinerary for Le Mans

Wednesday, June 6th

Thursday, June 7th

  • On your own in Paris for the day

  • Private guided bus tour of Paris

  • 7:00 pm – Romantic Dinner Cruise through the heart of Paris on the Seine River (the ladies will love this!)

  • Spend a second night at Hotel Scribe

Friday, June 8th

  • Motorcoach from Paris to pick up Corvettes in Brussels (3 hrs.)

  • BBQ lunch with the Von Pettelbergh family in Temse, Belgium (a 40 min. spirited drive)

  • Drive to Spa, Belgium (1 hr. 45 min.)

  • Spend the night in Spa, Belgium

Saturday, June 9th

  • Spend the morning and lunch in Spa

  • Drive to Heilbronn, Germany (3 hrs. 20 min.)

  • Dinner at Uli’s vineyard (The most memorable evening of 2005 trip!)

  • Spend the night at the amazing Hotel Heilbronn known as the “dream ship”

Sunday, June 10th

  • Tour Callaway of Europe facilities in the morning

  • Drive to the romantic city of Rothenberg, Germany (1 hr.)

  • Spend the afternoon running the A7 Autobahn at whatever
    speed you have a need for or visit the ancient walled city of Rothenberg

  • Spend the night near Rothenberg

Monday, June 11th

  • Spend the morning running the A7 Autobahn at whatever speed you feel comfortable
     and enjoy a trip down the famous “Romantic Road” between Rothenberg and Wurzburg

  • Drive to Regensburg, Germany (1 hr. 45 min.) to visit the famous 12th century Albert Von Thurn Castle

  • Dinner planned in the Von Thurn Castle Drawing Room

  • Spend the night in Regensburg

Tuesday, June 12th

  •  Head out on the Autobahn to Metz, France (4 hrs. 30 minutes)

  • Enjoy beautiful Metz and it’s rich Napoleonic history

  • Spend the night at the 1559 historical 4 star La Citadelle Metz

Wednesday, June 13th

  • The all-day run to our private estate castle, Chateau Curzay (6 hrs.)

  • Party to the wee hours of the morning at La Fee Melusine restaurant in Lusignan

  • Spend the first “dream” night in history at Chateau Curzay

Thursday, June 14th

  • A day of options:

  • Spend the day at Chateau Curzay enjoying all that it has to offer

  • Visit the walled city at La Rochelle

  • Visit the wineries at Bordeaux

  • The 4th Annual Exclusive Poolside BBQ at Chateau Curzay

  • Spend the second “dream” night at Chateau Curzay

Friday, June 15th

  • Drive to Change, France to meet our host families and head to the Le Mans track for credentials

  • Attend the Parade Des Pilotes

  • Dinner Party at the White Horse Saloon with European Corvette Club members

  • Spend what’s left of the night with our host family

Saturday, June 16th

  •  UP EARLY to be trackside for all the pre-race excitement with special hospitality area for us to
    enjoy the race together

  •  24 Hours of Le Mans begins at 4:00 pm

  • Come and go from the track at your leisure for the rest of the evening

  • Spend the night with your host family or party all night at the track

Sunday, June 17th

  • Visit track at your leisure throughout the day, but don’t miss the BIG VICTORY celebration at
    4:00 pm when the race concludes!  We guarantee that you have never witnessed a celebration
    of this magnitude!

  • White Horse Saloon Victory Party

  • Spend the night with host families

Monday, June 18th

  • Leave Le Mans early for our trip to Deauville, France in time to check into our 4-star hotel located on the
    English Channel

  • The day’s choices are:

The following options are available if you choose not to visit Normandy:

Tuesday, June 19th

  • Leave after an early breakfast for a 4 ½ hour drive to Brussels to return our “chariots” back to their rightful owner

  • Motor coach back to Paris airport hotel for next day departures (We will reserve these rooms in advance, but payment for this room will be your responsibility.  It is not included in our package price.)

Wednesday, June 20th

  •    Leave for US morning flight


We emphasize that this is a driving trip at higher than normal US speeds.  If you are uncomfortable with this, you may want to reconsider.  All of you need to purchase FRS (family radio system) radios (at least two per Corvette) for the trip.  If you have portable navigation systems that you are bringing with you, you may want to contact the manufacturer and arrange to have it updated for Europe. 

We also recommend that you contact your cell phone carrier to see if your cell phone is operational in Europe, or else you can rent one there.  There are many phone rental places, but our suggestion is to make arrangements on the internet before you arrive.  We also recommend that you may want to have international calling cards to take with you. 

The exchange rate varies continually and it is our suggestion that you bring a small amount of Euros with you for tips at the Paris airport. You may want to check with your ATM provider to see if they have a network in Europe, otherwise you may want to bring Traveler’s Checks and exchange them at a bank.  All of the toll roads in France take credit cards, as do most of the shops and restaurants, and the exchange rate has been very favorable in the past on your credit card.  VISA is the preferred credit card in all of Europe. Other than high-end hotels and restaurants, American Express is NOT readily accepted.

We will be providing you with maps of Germany, France, and Europe.  We will have a drivers meeting each day and review the itinerary and driving route for the day.

The only form of identification while traveling in Europe is a PASSPORT and you need to order it NOW because the process takes between 4 to 6 weeks.  You can pick up the application form at your local courthouse (Clerk of the Court). 

I am sure you are aware that the value of the dollar has been ever changing versus the Euro. Unfortunately a weak dollar makes traveling overseas more expensive.  If the value of the dollar decreases at a higher rate than we anticipate, then it is possible that the cost of this trip would have to be revised. You will have until Tuesday, January 30, 2007 to respond as to whether you are IN or OUT and to send your deposit of $7,500.00 (checks only, NO credit cards). 

The balance of the money which is $10,400.00 will be due in our office by Tuesday, February 6, 2007.  Due to the delay in getting this itinerary to you, we have extended the balance due deadline by a week.

If you are shipping your Vette, the balance due is $3,500.00 (due in our office by Tuesday, February 6, 2007). IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING SHIPPING YOUR OWN CORVETTE TO EUROPE, YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO SO, but we will NOT be participating in any planning or arrangements for the shipping of your Corvette or your European insurance needs. You will just need to be present in Paris with your Corvette at the appointed time (Wednesday, June 6th) or meet us in Brussels by noon Friday, June 8, 2007 when the rest of the group picks up their Corvettes.

If we have not received a response from you by Tuesday, January 30, 2007, we will assume you are NOT going.  THERE IS A CHANCE THAT IF ENOUGH PEOPLE CANCEL WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO THE TRIP.  WE WILL KNOW IF THE TRIP IS A GO FOR SURE ON WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2007 AFTER WE HAVE RECEIVED ALL THE POSITIVE RESPONSES.  For this reason we strongly suggest that you DO NOT purchase any airline tickets that would not be fully 100% refundable to you if we do not go!

This will be our fourth time going to Europe, and each time everyone has agreed that it was a "trip of a lifetime"! We look forward to another fantastic adventure, and we hope you'll be joining us!



Dan Adovasio & Jake Drennon, Directors
Official C5/C6 Registry



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