Date: March 27, 2006

Subject: 06523 – Customer Satisfaction Program
Engine Flywheel /Clutch Interference

Models: 2006 Chevrolet Corvette
Equipped with a 6.0 L V8 (RPO LS2 – VIN Code U) or
a 7.0 L V8 (RPO LS7 – VIN Code E) Engine and
6-Speed (RPO MM6 or MZ6) Manual Transmission


General Motors is announcing Customer Satisfaction Program 06523 today. The total number of vehicles involved is 913. This program will be administered in two phases.

Mailing Information
Customer notification letter mailing for Phase 1 will begin on April 3, 2006.
Customer notification letter mailing for Phase 2 will begin on April 13, 2006.

GM Vehicle Inquiry System (GMVIS)
GMVIS information will be available for the total population on March 28, 2006.

Service Information System (SI)
Bulletin 06523 is scheduled to be available on March 28, 2006.

Campaign Initiation Detail Report (CIDR)
The Phase 1 CIDR will be available in GM DealerWorld on March 27, 2005.
The Phase 2 CIDR will be available in GM DealerWorld on April 6, 2006.


Certain2006 Chevrolet Corvette model vehicles equipped with 6.0L V8 (RPO LS2 - VIN U) or

7.0L V8 (RPO LS7 – VIN E) engine and manual transmission may have a condition in which the flywheel may have been incorrectly machined, resulting in insufficient clearance for clutch cover self adjustment, reducing clutch life.

This program will expire on March 31, 2007.


Dealers are to inspect and, if necessary, replace the engine flywheel.


Involved arecertain2006 Chevrolet Corvette model vehicles equipped with 6.0L V8 (RPO LS2 -

VIN U) or 7.0L V8 (RPO LS7 – VIN E) engine and manual transmission and built within these

VIN breakpoints:


2006 Chevrolet Corvette 65115878 65121102

Important:Dealers are to confirm vehicle eligibility prior to beginning repairs by using the GM

Vehicle Inquiry System (GMVIS). Not all vehicles within the above breakpoints maybe involved.

For dealers with involved vehicles, a listing with involved vehicles containing the completevehicle identification number, customer name, and address information has been prepared and will be provided through the applicable system listed below. Dealers will not have a reportavailable if they have no involved vehicles currently assigned


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